Our mission is to help artists and brands create consistent, high-quality meaningful work.

Resilient Design was created to help artists and brands execute on their creative visions, while also staying relevant by growing their business online. We’re here to provide guidance and support every step of the way, not just when you have work ready to share. 

Jacob Perez, founder

Jacob is an experience designer, data scientist, and new media artist based in Austin, Texas. 

After years of working in the design, tech, and art space, he saw an opportunity to help artists and brands refine their vision and scale their business sustainably, while also serving their day-to-day tactical needs (i.e. experience mapping, concepting, and production work). 

Jacob has lead design and product teams in agency, startup, and enterprise environments across multiple industries, including:

  • art
  • advertising
  • education
  • events
  • financial services
  • health and wellness
  • information technology
  • manufacturing
  • real estate
  • retail

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